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Welcome to the youth group!! We have a great bunch of youth who are on fire for God and actively pursuing a relationship with him! We do loads of activities, which makes us a key part of the larger congregation. We get the opportunity to run the services as a youth group. We also have bible studies during service time. We all love God and want to know Him better!

Having fun is tremendously important. If we don't have fun, we won't want to be there. If it's good enough to invite our friends to, then it's good enough for us! We also run special events like SOLID at Stubbers, camping, every summer. We also take part in the Soul in the City event every summer holiday, where we get involved in social outreach, improving our local area, talking with other young people and getting involved in our local community. We run fun events like film nights, pizza and chats, and trips to the beach.

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