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Every Christian has a story for how they came to their faith in God, and what happened in their life which brought them to it. Here are just a few of the stories of the amazing people that we have at our church.

I have been a 'church-goer' for all of my life, it wasn't however until I was thirteen, when I started feeling very unwell, that I started thinking more seriously about God, and my faith in him. It turned out that I had a rare illness called Addison's Disease, but it was so rare, that no one recognised my symptoms and I got steadily worse.

Lorraine Shorter

WORK, DARTS AND FISHING was my God, I was a very selfish person.

Victor King

I have known that God was real and how Jesus died for my sins all my life. However, even though I knew it in my mind I was missing my own personal relationship with God. I would say that I was a bit of a Luke warm Christian someone who believed in the word of God but didn't let it transform my life and to be honest I found it boring. ( how wrong I was ha ha).

Abigail Bain

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