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Victor KingWORK, DARTS AND FISHING was my God, I was a very selfish person.

My walk with God started in October/November 1994 when Eileen wrote me a poem about taking me to play darts twice a week. She asked me to go to church one Sunday evening with her. I said yes because I didn't want to lose my driver. In January 1995 my God was taken from me when I was made redundant, having sent out 250 plus job applications and only getting two negative replies back in two months and no money coming in (not the 30k plus I was used to getting ).

On the 13th of March I went fishing at the cut in Stratford with some friends, this was a fast flowing canal, I felt the whole world was on my shoulders and thought about jumping in, this was at 12 o clock, I fell asleep, I then woke up at 1 o clock and I was prompted to say the Lord's Prayer which we learnt at school, I then fell asleep again and woke up a 2 o clock with all the weight lifted off my shoulders.

The next day being Sunday I went to church in the evening, I still didn't sense God with me until we sang I see the Lord. Roger then had an alter call. My daughter Sue went with me; and Roger and Nick Beal prayed for me. That night was the start of my walk.

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