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Abigail-BainI have known that God was real and how Jesus died for my sins all my life. However, even though I knew it in my mind I was missing my own personal relationship with God. I would say that I was a bit of a Luke warm Christian someone who believed in the word of God but didn't let it transform my life and to be honest I found it boring. ( how wrong I was ha ha).

I went through a really tough family time in my early teens when everything seemed to be falling apart and my walls of 'safety' that I had built up around me seemed to fall apart. Even though this time was horrible I cried out to God through it all and properly committed my life to him and he was so faithful. Shortly after that I started to experience a full relationship with God and know the excitement of serving and doing life with the creator of the universe. I have this memory of being at a conference and in the worship time feeling his presence and joy and his Holy Spirit really fell on me for the first time. My passion for worship and singing has grown from there and it's amazing to see how God uses worship to minister to people and meet people where they are at.

Looking back now on my life I realise how good God is and how much I've grown in the last 5 years although I'm still challenged every day in my relationship with him. For the past week I have been in Hawaii on a missionary training school and I have learnt so much already about who God is and what our identity is in him. Each day is a journey with him and each day I earnestly seek him no desire to know him more.

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