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Lorraine-ShorterI have been a 'church-goer' for all of my life, it wasn't however until I was thirteen, when I started feeling very unwell, that I started thinking more seriously about God, and my faith in him. It turned out that I had a rare illness called Addison's Disease, but it was so rare, that no one recognised my symptoms and I got steadily worse.

As I got more tired, as my skin went yellow, as I became wheelchair bound, I started to think that perhaps it WAS time for my life to end.

When I finally got diagnosed, and started to think about the lucky escape I had had, I started to question myself. 'Why me?' What had I done in my life, to deserve a second chance?' I determined from there that I would my second life count. I made the commitment to God in my heart, and became a Christian. Now, I am a wife, mother of three, and professionally, I have been a teacher for over a decade.

My life is a thousand times better because I have God in my life, I have a refuge when I am sad, (and I do still get sad, life isn't perfect just because you are a Christian!) and I have a hope to look forward to. I could not be more glad, to have accepted God in my life.

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